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 Choosing Your First Blythe Doll

The first introduction of Blythe dolls in the market did not go well. However, in 2001, they became quite popular once again after being acquired by Hasbro. Current Blythe dolls for sale in markets and auctions vary greatly in price and detail. Additionally, Blythe dolls do have typical features, such as the disproportionate head, but they can also fall under the category of custom dolls.

About Blythe Dolls

Blythe doll molds change every few years and are considered as cute collectibles. The average height of a Blythe doll depends on the type purchased: Neo (11 inches), Middie (8 inches), or Petite (4 inches). Historically speaking, the standard size was eleven to twelve inches tall and all the dolls had characteristically large heads and wide eyes – which still applies to today’s Blythe dolls.

A variety of hair and eye colors are available, some specifically for limited editions. All hair is rooted to the head, which is made of hard plastic like its torso. However, the limbs are of softer material and can be bendable at times. Custom Blythe dolls are available and are all the rage, with many customizable features to select from.

Deciding Which Doll to Buy

Choosing which doll to purchase amongst the extensive options you have will be easier if you know which hair color you desire. Sentimentally speaking, always buy the doll that “speaks” to you in a deeper level – perhaps it reminds you of someone from your childhood, for example.

If you are set on collecting them, you always have the option to start with whichever doll is actually available at the moment. However, other collectors get a thrill out of hunting down a specific Blythe doll they want. But if you aren’t very specific, this shouldn’t be that much of a problem for you.

Discerning the Fakes

Be wary of buying from unknown sources, though fake dolls can also appear in common sites such as eBay. Real Blythe dolls from Takara will include a stand, a particular outfit and hairstyle, as well as a set of eye chips.

Additionally, it’s good to remember that most of the imitation Blythe dolls will be listed as “nude Blythe doll,” “factory doll,” or any combination of the words “nude” and “factory.” Some people go as far as faking the box, as well, in order to sell their product at a higher price.

Factory dolls are actually put-together spare parts of other dolls. So, avoid buying them if you are looking for an authentic version. Factory dolls will normally not include a stand and it will typically be priced lower than an original Blythe doll.


Be patient and persistent when acquiring a Blythe doll for sale for the first time. It is best to research and get to know the distinct characteristics of Blythe dolls before opting for a fully customized doll.

Hand-tailored Blythe dolls are beautiful, but they require knowledge in glossy and matte finishes, materials such as rubber and plastic, apparels, hairstyles, etc. If you are ready to test your luck with this trendy collectible, browse Blythe dolls now and get that rush of adrenaline as you embark on this new hobby.

How To Use A Floor Paint In The Garage

floor paint in garage

A lot of people are now discovering the advantages of applying floor paint on the concrete floor in their garage. As you might know, this will not only beautify your floor but it will also make the floor much secure, particularly in the coming winter months as your car brings in snow or dripping rain water. Actually, safety is the number one reason why we should apply floor paint because you can easily add extra traction to it through the use of industrial sand grits or paint flecks once the epoxy for paint is spread out.
There are people who don’t even know that the garage is a potentially dangerous area in a home where slips and falls could happen. Everyone has been concerned about slip accidents in the tub, but injuries which take place in the garage mostly go unreported. This is such a horrible truth because people are not that aware of the possible problems that might arise in the garage so they are, most likely, not taking the necessary precautions.
Other plus behind doing this project is how great your garage looks afterward. You are given the chance to pick the color which you think would look best for your garage when choosing the floor paint. Many people go for colors that would complement the shade of their homes or one that would match their car’s color.

Tips For A Good Floor Paint Result

It is very important to make sure that your floor is completely clean before applying the paint. You can wash it with soap and water and then spread a heavy-duty degreaser to get rid of any oil stain which will cause the paint not to adhere properly or lift up after several months. Also be sure the surface is completely dry. It is best to let it set overnight with a heater running after all the cleaning is done.
Using a nap roller, you can now roll out the paint after cleaning the floor. Then before the paint starts to cure or solidify, you should apply the non-slip additive. You might choose plain industrial grit or paint flecks whose color is similar to the primary paint or a different shade to add some contrast.

To allow enough time for the paint to dry, you should keep your car off the garage for at least three days or do not walk on the floor for one day.